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United States

Camron Starr
RESULTS FROM May 9, 2014 at Hanover College

> Spazz, Roger Blade, and Matt Atreya defeated Blue Beetle, Yukon Mike, and Dave Hovak by submission..

> Texas Outlaw and Bobo Brazil Jr. battled to a no contest.

> J-Mo defeated Billy Mattern by pinfall with his feet on the ropes.

> Apollo pinned Dash Venture following a Full Nelson slam.

> The Hanover Wrecking Crew defeated Morty's Millionares.

> Eric Draven pinned Rob Conway with an inside cradle to win the AWA-Supreme title.

RESULTS FROM March 15, 2014

George White Memorial "King of Madison" Round Two:

> Eric Draven used a loaded boot Superkick to defeate Blue Beetle and advance to the final round of the King of Madison Tournament.

> Dino Stephonapolis defeated Spazz by DQ thanks to interference from Dave Hovak to advance to the final round of the King of Madison Tournament.

Other results:

> Bobo Brazil, Jr. and Billy Mattern defeated Morty's Millionaires.

> Texas Outlaw pinned Kamala Jr. after stricking him with a cowbell.

> Morty Blankenship pinned Michael Bevins following a "Cash Splash."

RESULTS FROM March 14, 2014 at Shawe Memorial High School

> Johnny Sixx pinned Matt Atreya.

> Jim Dandy pinned Texas Outlaw with a "School-Boy." Outlaw insisted that Dandy was really the recently fired Vito Andretti.

> Blue Beetle pinned Mike Trusty folling the Beetle Blaster.

> Eric Draven used a loaded boot Superkick to pin Billy Mattern in a Triple-Threat Match also involving Yukon Mike.

> Spazz defeated Dave Hovak by submission using the Spazzmission to become the new AWA-Supreme United States Champion.

> Justice By The Book (Dino & Johnny Justice) defeated Southern Discomfort to become the new AWA-Supreme Tag Team Champions.

> Rob Conway defended the AWA-Supreme Championship against Hy Zaya, pinning him following an "Ego Trip."

RESULTS FROM March 8, 2014

George White Memorial "King of Madison" Round One:

> Eric Draven vs. Billy Mattern ended in a double count-out. A rematch was scheduled for laterin the night in a NO DQ Match.

> Spazz defeated The Texas Outlaw by submission using the Spazzmission.

> Blue Beetle accidently pinned Johnny Justice after Eric Draven interfered, throwing fire on Justice. Beetle was trying to check on Justice, but the referee made the 3-count.

> Dino Stephonapolis pinned J-Mo following a splash from the top rope.

Round Two will take place on 3/15/14. Other results:

> AWA-Supreme Tag Team Champions Southern Discomfort defeated Austin Bradley and Jared Harris to retain the titles.

> Matt Atreya beat Johnny Sixx by DQ.

> Eric Draven pinned Billy Mattern following a Seattle Side Kick to advance to Round Two of the King of Madison Tournament.

RESULTS FROM March 8, 2014

George White Memorial "King of Madison" Round One:

> Eric Draven vs. Billy Mattern ended in a double count-out. A rematch was scheduled for laterin the night in a NO DQ Match.

> Spazz defeated The Texas Outlaw by submission using the Spazzmission.

> Blue Beetle accidently pinned Johnny Justice after Eric Draven interfered, throwing fire on Justice. Beetle was trying to check on Justice, but the referee made the 3-count.

> Dino Stephonapolis pinned J-Mo following a splash from the top rope.

Round Two will take place on 3/15/14. Other results:

> AWA-Supreme Tag Team Champions Southern Discomfort defeated Austin Bradley and Jared Harris to retain the titles.

> Matt Atreya beat Johnny Sixx by DQ.

> Eric Draven pinned Billy Mattern following a Seattle Side Kick to advance to Round Two of the King of Madison Tournament.

RESULTS FROM March 1, 2014

> Micheal Beavin lasted 4:46 in a five minute challenge.

> Kamala, Jr. defeated Jerrod Harris using a Ugandan drop.

> Bobo Brazil, Jr. and Bobo Brazil, Jr., Jr. defeated Texas Outlaw and PFC.

> Vito Andretti and David Christopher had a double DQ in a Loser Leave Town Match.

> Roger Blade and Nate Steel defeated Mitch Ellis and Dino Stephonapolis after hitting Dino with a stick to become Tag Team Champions.

> Matt Atreya beat Johnny Sixx by pinfall after kicking him with a loaded kick pad.

> Spazz and Dave Hovak were DQ’d when Draven hit Spazz with fire.

February 15, 2014

> Matt Atreya defeated Tigon by submission using a rear step-over toehold half nelson crossface.

> The Bedford Brawler pinned The Deer Hunter using a leg drop.

> Spazz defeated United States Champion Dave Hovak, but was unable to claim the title due having not yet been released by his physician.

> Johnny Justice beat The International Playboy David Christopher by DQ when he was attacked by Morty's Millionaires.

> Chris Morrus pinned The Blue Beetle.

> AWA Supreme Champion Eric Draven beat Dino Stephonapolis when Dino's brother (Johnny Justice) threw in the towel.

> Ricky Ruckus, Spazz, Dino, Johnny Justice beat Morty's Millionaires after Dino pinned Eric Draven.

> NEXT WEEK Former OVW, NWA, and WWE Star ROB CONWAY challenges for USWA, ECW, OVW star ERIC DRAVEN for the AWA Championship.

June 29, 2013

> Billy Mattern pinned The Blue Beetle following "The Mattern of Fact".

> Apollo then challenged Mattern and beat him using a Full-Nelson Slam.

> Live Wire & Roger Blade wrestled The Dirty South Playas in a match that ended in a Double Countout.

> Johnny Justice, after refusing Mortimer Blankenship's order to hit a woman, wrestled and defeated Tommy "T-Dogg" Foreman.

> Dez Coletrain pinned Jerry Andrews.

> United States Champion Eric Draven and Spazz wrestled to a no contest when Brandon Hunter and Billy Mattern interfered.

> Randy Torres defeated Jason Torres.

> Bobo Brazil, Jr. pinned "Sweet" William Valentine using a Flying Head-Butt.

June 22, 2013

> Roger Blade put Christian Skyfire to sleep to earn the victory.

> Dave Havok pinned Jesse Morris following a Swinging Neck Breaker.

> Above The Law defeated Morty's Millionares by submission.

> American Wrestling All-Stars Supreme Champion "Superbeast" Rob Royale pinned Awesome Wrestling Alliance World Champion Kaige Kutler following a spear in a title vs. title match.

> "Custom Made" Eric Draven pinned Billy Mattern in a CHAIN ON A POLE MATCH after pile-driving him on a chain to win the United States Championship.

June 15, 2013

> Live Wire beat Roger Blade by pinfall.

> Chris Morrus & Todd Morton beat Ricky Ruckus $ Spazz by disqualification.

> Texas Outlaw pinned Dave Havok.

> United States Champion Billy Mattern pinned Eric Draven after hitting him with a chain.

May 25th, 2013

> El Customo Madeo and El Spazzio pinned both members of The Dirty South Players following a mid ring collision that knock out referee Darrin O'Neil. Paul Wood then came out and made the three counts. Darrin O'Neil declared that knocking him down was intentional so he reversed the decision.

> Dave Hovak, manager of Chris Morrus and promoter of SIGCW, won an 18 man battle royal after Chris Morrus body slammed and eliminated almost every competitor and then stepped down allowing Hovak to win.

> Texas Outlaw and Roger Blade were both disqualified for having weapons in the ring.

> Billy Mattern defeated Eric Draven by DQ after Draven used an illegal pile-driver. Referee Paul Wood informed Eric Draven that he "cannot do pile drivers." Draven then gave a second pile driver to Mattern to show Paul that he CAN do pile-drivers.

> Superbeast Rob Royale pinned Yukon Mike following a spear to become the new AWA-Supreme Champion.

April 27th, 2013

> Roger Blade and The Dirty South Players defeated Texas Outlaw, Rob Royale and Chris Morrus by count out.

> Spazz inducted JC Bailey into The Hall of Fame; Joe Bailey (former promoter of BBW and father of JC) accepted the award on JC's behalf.

> Christian Skyfire defeated Kaige Kutler shortly after Kutler disrespected the Bailey family, Joe Bailey was able to land a few punches in this match as well!

> Ring Announcer "The Bedford Brawler" Mitch Ellis won his first ever wrestling match facing Johnny Justice who now holds a 0-10 record.

> Brandon Hunter was inducted into the Hall of Fame by Eric Draven.

> Bobo Brazil Jr. pinned Benny Bray following a flying headbutt.

> DV Sullivan defeated Zander by pinfall.

> US Champion Billy Mattern defeated Eric Draven in a Texas Death match after Draven's longtime friend Brandon Hunter sandwiched Draven's head between two cinder blocks and struck them with a steel chair. After the match Draven was released from his contract held by Mortimer Blankenship (Blankenship held Draven's contract with AWA). Hunter has yet to speak as to why he attacked his friend and sided with Morty and Mattern.

April 26th, 2013

> “Custom Made” Eric Draven defeated Spazz to earn Johnny Justice a match vs. whomever Mitch Ellis (ring announcer) picked.

> Texas Outlaw pinned Johnny Justice despite the constant interference of Mortimer Blankenship.

> Apollo pinned D.V. Sullivan following a full-nelson slam.

> Zander defeated Todd Morton.

> Billy Mattern pinned “Custom Made” Eric Draven, in a triple threat match also involving Ricky Ruckus for the US Title. Yukon Mike attacked Draven and Draven's manager, Mortimer Blankenship then dragged Mattern to place him on top Draven, announcing Mattern as his new client and stating that he manages Champions not contenders. Ricky Ruckus then kicked Morty in the face.

> The Students of Shawe High School (and “Superbeast” Rob Royale) defeated the faculty of Shawe High School by pinfall after The Principal unintentionally struck partner “Sweet” William Valentine with a glass bottle!

> Bobo Brazil Jr. Pinned Yukon Mike and was declared the winner, but this was after Yukon had already struck the referee, causing a disqualification. Bobo would win the match, but not the Supreme Unified Title.

March 30th, 2013

> Billy Mattern pinned Leo Lyons following a "Code-Breaker."

> Chris Morrus, Rob Royale, and The Texas Outlaw defeated Big & Tasty and Roger Blade.

> Yukon Mike pinned Chris Colt, but was immediately heckled by Eric Draven for calling his match with Colt a title defense, stating that Colt was not real competition.

> Supreme Champion Yukon Mike defeated Eric Draven by DQ when Draven hit Yukon in the face with a microwave.

> Ricky Ruckus pinned Benny Bray to retain the United States Championship.

> Camron Star defeated Mary Dobson, Lil' Naughty, and Delilah Lodge to become the FIRST EVER AWA-Supreme Women's Champion!

> Bobo Brazil Jr pinned Eric Draven in a lumberjack match following a flying headbutt.

March 23rd, 2013

> The Texas Outlaw defeated Scott Abyss by DQ due to outside interference. Abyss challenged Outlaw to get a partner and have a tag match.

> J-Bly and The Texas Outlaw defeated The Dirty South Playas.

> Yukon Mike was announced by Morty Blankenship as the newest investment. He told Eric Draven that the Supreme Champion would have the night off, again, to prepare to defend the championship next week against Crazyhorse Chris Colt. Draven argued with Morty that Yukon has had three weeks off now, and Chris Colt is not a contender. After exchanging words Yukon granted Draven a title match, making Morty furious as he manages both Draven and Yukon.

> Yukon Mike pinned Eric Draven after striking him with an axe handle.

> Johnny Sixx defeated Mickie Knuckles by DQ after Mickie pinned him but the referee discovered a chain that Sixx had dropped and mistook for Mickie Knuckles' chain.

> Custom Made Eric Draven left the ringside area to be counted out in his match against Bobo Brazil Jr. Bobo then challenged Draven to a match next week where both fans and wrestlers will serve as lumberjacks.

March 16th, 2013

> Midget Ruckus pinned "Just" Johnny Justice with small-package.

> Rob Royale defeated Roger Blade by DQ when "Sweet" William Valentine interfered.

> "Sweet" Willam & Roger Blade beat Chris Colt & Billy Mattern by DQ when Rob Royale attacked Valentine & Blade.

> Eric Draven beat Texas Outlaw by DQ when he tossed Outlaw his Cowbell and fell pretending Outlaw struck him with the bell. Draven claimed that he was the real legend and that Bobo Brazil Jr was just an old has been that Spazz hired to sign autographs. Spazz made a match a for Bobo Vs. Draven later in the night.

> Zander defeated Todd Morton but was attacked after the match by Todd with a chair; Zander suffered a serious injury to his arm; Spazz suspended Todd Morton for 30 days.

> Matt Atreya used a top-rope Diamond Cutter to defeat Scott Abyss.

> Bobo Brazil Jr was disqualified for refusing to stop pummeling Eric Draven in the crowd. Bobo stated that he lost his cool when Draven called the great people of Madison "Stupid." Spazz issued a rematch for 3/23/13; Bobo said that next week he was "gonna chop him like he stole sumthin!"

March 9th, 2013

> Eric Draven was confronted by his Manager Morty Blankenship and Johnny Justice about his not helping Johnny the previous week, Draven indicated that it was "Just Johnny" and that's not a priority.

> Johnny Justice challenged Draven, only to be pinned in 4 seconds via a crossbody press.

> Zander of The Smash Mouth Kings pinned The Blue Devil.

> Big and Tasty defeated The Dirty South Playas when Sweet William Valentine made the pin with his feet on the ropes.

> United States Champion Eric Draven beat Ricky Ruckus by disqualification when Ricky threw Draven over the top rope; the rematch was made to take place later in the night.

> Livewire and Rob Royale pointed out that Big and Tasty can not win a tag match without cheating, B&T challenged them, Royale pinned Sweet William following a spear

> The Texas Outlaw beat Spider Murphy in a Texas Bull Rope match.

> Ricky Ruckus pinned Eric Draven after Johnny Justice "accidently" tripped Draven to become the new United States Champion!

March 2nd, 2013

> AWA-Supreme's semi-final round of "The George White Memorial, King of Madison" Tournament in front of a STANDING ROOM only crowd!

> Todd Morton hit Zander of The Smash Mouth Kings with a chain and pinned him to get the win.

> Livewire pinned Drakon after hitting the "Kilowatt"

>"GWMT Semi-Final match" Billy Mattern used a schoolboy pin to defeated Yukon Mike and advance in the tournament after Mike attempted to hit him with an axe handle and Livewire prevented it, Mattern slipped in to score the pin.

>"GWMT Semi-Final match" Eric Draven defeated Rob Royale by DQ when Johnny Justice's stick was thrown to Royale and Draven acted as if Royale had struck him with the stick.

> Tournament final to crown The King of Madison Billy Mattern pinned Eric Draven using a "Code breaker" after the match Draven attacked Mattern's leg and attempted to use the cinder block on his leg just as he did to Spazz and Ricky Ruckus. Former Above the Law member Johnny Strattlin attempted to save Mattern, Draven cut Johnny off and then attempted to use the cinder block on him but Damien Divine stopped him and hit Draven with a "Divine intervention" leaving Draven laid out so Billy Mattern and the fans of Madison could celebrate his "King of Madison" victory.

February 23rd, 2013

> Spazz announced that Draven's intended opponent for the tournament (Ricky Ruckus would not be there due to Draven's actions the week before, but Draven would not get a free pass, he would face Spazz, who was coming for Ruckus' revenge.

> George White Memorial Tournament Round one match. Rob Royale defeated Playboy Mike Trusty before the match Royale said he could beat Trusty and his friends (Valentine and Roger Blade) after fighting all three men Royale speared and pinned Roger Blade.

> George White Memorial Tournament Round one match. Yukon Mike pinned Texas Outlaw when Spider Murphy tripped Outlaw while he was attempting a slam on Mike.

> Madman Pondo defeated Zander of the Smash-Mouth Kings by pinfall.

> Ladies Match Crazy Mary Dobson pinned The Amazing Maria using a split legged springboard moonsaut.

> Matt Atreya pinned Jesse Fatino using a schoolboy pin.

> George White Memorial Tournament Round one match. Billy Mattern defeated Spider Murphy by DQ when Texas Outlaw shoved him down on his way to attack Spider Murphy.

> George White Memorial Tournament Round one match. Eric Draven defeated Spazz by DQ when Spazz refused to release a submission hold after Eric Draven had tapped out. After the match Draven used the cinder block on Spazz's knee as he did Ruckus's the week before. Spazz told Draven that Damien Divine would be coming for Draven on March 2nd!

February 16th, 2012

Spazz announced that took the job as commissioner and his first act as commissioner would be to clear up the recent controversy surrounding The Southern Championship! He proclaimed Billy Mattern to be the reigning Champion but granted both Ruckus and Draven a singles match and which ever one of them won their match would get a shot at Mattern. Spazz the said after the match the title would be converted to The United States Championship.

> Eric Draven defeated Rob Royale by count out.

> Spider Murphy pinned Texas Outlaw with his feet on the ropes after striking The Outlaw with his cowbell.

> Jesse Fatino defeated Chris Colt by pinfall.

> Big Papi beat Kris Kanton with help from Fatino.

> Ricky Ruckus pinned Todd Morton.

> Eric Draven pinned Billy Mattern to become The undisputed United States Champion, after the match Draven attacked Ricky Ruckus using a cinder block on Ruckus' knee.

February 9th, 2013

>Eric Draven came out to announce that Billy Mattern "slipped and fell in the parking lot and injured himself then he mailed the belt back to Draven, the rightful champion".

>The Smash Mouth Kings defeated The Hollywood Express by disqualification when Loco threw Atreya over the top rope.

>Eric Draven pinned Livewire after hitting him with a chain, then Draven told the crowd that he just proved himself to be the rightful Southern Champion and that he beat any wrestler at anytime, Ricky Ruckus came out to challenge Draven to prove his statement.

>Spider Murphy pinned The Texas Outlaw after hitting him with his own cowbell.

>Ricky Ruckus pinned Eric Draven after hitting him with a chain Mortimer Blankenship tried to interfere on Draven's behalf and was cut off by Chris Morrus, Ricky left with The AWA Southern Championship that rightfully belongs to Billy Mattern.

>Yukon Mike pinned Superbeast Rob Royale to become the New Supreme Champion!

February 2nd, 2013

>Kharn Alexander won a Battle Royal to be crowned AWA-Supreme Champion, last eliminating Robert Royale. Due to some controversy about whether or not Kharn himself had been eliminated or not, a match was made for later in the night for Kharn Alexander vs. Robert Royale.

> Billy Mattern pinned Eric Draven to win the AWA-Southern Championship. Draven claimed that he "wasn't ready", and Assistant Commissioner Morty Blankenship granted him a "do over" for later in the night.

> World Renowned Bar-Room Brawler Spider Murphy made his AWA debut, defeating The Texas Outlaw by count-out.

> Live Wire & Spazz defeated Big & Tasty, with Roger Blade substituting for Mike Trusty.

> Kris Kanton pinned Chris Colt.

> Billy Mattern pinned Eric Draven to retain the AWA-Southern Championship. No word as to whether or not Draven was ready this time.

> "Superbeast" Robert Royale defeated Kharn Alexander by pinfall after a spear to secure the victory and become the AWA-Supreme Champion!

April 21st, 2012

Eric Draven Fired Morty Blankenship as his manager

>Eric Draven defended The Southern Title against Billy Mattern, pinning him with his feet on the ropes.

> Big & Tasty, with recently hired manager Morty Blankenship, demanded Mattern to defend the Tag Titles and told him since Noble wasn't there that he could ask ONE person to replace Noble. Mattern asked Draven... Draven turned him down.

> Roger Blade defeated Texas Outlaw by DQ when Blade tossed Outlaw a foreign object then pretended Outlaw had hit him with it.

> MadDog Murphy defeated Kuzin Kurt by DQ when he tried to emulate Roger Blade. MadDog tossed Kurt the foreign object, but then Kurt DID hit him with it.

> Billy Mattern met Big & Tasty in the ring to defend the Tag Team Titles... Half way through this match Eric Draven joined as Mattern's partner after deciding that Mattern had "what it takes". Draven & Mattern defeated Big & Tasty by pinfall when Mattern hit the "Mattern of Fact" on Mike Trusty.

April 14th, 2012

> Nic Noble won "The Dominos Rumble" (a 16-man Over-the-Top Rope Battle Royal).

> The Skynard Nation defeated "Livewire" Mark Jackson and Big Dave when Roger Blade pinned Dave with his feet on the ropes.

> Kharn Alexander defeated Braxton Kade by submission using the Boston Crab. Kade demanded a rematch and Kharn granted Kade's match IF Kade can defeat J-Bly and Benjamin Bray in singles matches... starting with J-Bly "right now".

> Braxton Kade defeated J-Bly by countout.

> Nic Noble & Billy Mattern defeated The Family to become The new AWA-Supreme Tag Team Champions!

> The Texas Outlaw defeated Eric Draven in a match where Outlaw had to pay Eric Draven $100 per punch thrown by Outlaw that landed on Eric Draven. However since The Outlaw could only afford 10 punches and it took 11 The Outlaw scored the win, but Eric Draven retained The AWA-Southern Championship!

April 7th, 2012

In front of a capacity crowd...

> Eric Draven Vs. Livewire Mark Jackson: Mark Jackson's hand was rasied in victory via disqualification after The Southern Champion Eric Draven hit Mark Jackson with a Microwave oven!

> Sir Benjamin Bray Vs. Braxton Cade: Sir Benjamin Bray pinned Braxton Cade following a "backstabber" and a little help from Kharn Alexander.

> Mr. V defeated Kharn Alexander when Braxton Cade struck Mr. V in an attempt to hit Kharn. This match moves Mr. V further in the tournament towards The AWA-Supreme Championship.

> Livewire Mark Jackson and Braxton Cade defeated Benjamin Bray and Kharn Alexander by pinfall when Braxton Cade used a sunset flip to pin Bray.

> Eric Draven was disqualified for intentionally striking referee David Williams in his Southern Title defense against The Texas Outlaw. After the match Draven's face was bloodied and eyes already blackened. Draven stated the only way The Outlaw would recieve a return match is if Outlaw paid (out of his own pocket) $100 per punch thrown by The Outlaw..

> The Family defeated The teams of Nic Noble and Billy Mattern and The Skynard Nation in a triple threat tag match to become The NEW AWA Tagteam Champions!

March 23rd, 2012
(Special benefit show for victims of recent tornadoes)

> Spazz defeated Brandon Hobbs by submission using the "Spazzmission".

> "Live Wire" Mark Jackson defeated Eric Draven by DQ after interference by The Family.

> The Family defeated High Impact by pinfall.

> Eric Draven defeated "Misfit" Billy Mattern to become the Southern Champion in a "Coward Wave The Flag" match after Live Wire waved the flag as Draven attempted to break Mattern's leg.

March 24th, 2012

> "Misfit" Billy Mattern defeated Eric Draven by pinfall following a crossbody press to become The New Southern Champion. Nic Noble issued a challenge to Mattern for the Title. Mattern answered "anytime."

> Nic Noble defeated Billy Mattern using the "Noble Ending" to become The New AWA Southern Champion. Noble was then challenged by Eric Draven.

> Eric Draven used a foreign object to knock Nic Noble out and get the pinfall victory to reclaim The AWA Southern Championship.

> "Supa Fly" Jay Bly defeated "Hillbilly" Cousin Curt by pinfall. After the match, Jay Bly was asked to join Kharn Alexander's stable.

> Kharn Alexander pinned Braxton Kade.

> Kris Kanton defeated "Live Wire" Mark Jackson.

> "Texas Outlaw" Thomas Mitchell defeated Mr. V in a "Texas Bullrope" match.

March 17th, 2012

> Southern Champion "Misfit" Billy Mattern defeated "Supafly" Jay Bly following the "Mattern of Fact".

> Spazz pinned Bad Medicine.

> Texas Outlaw defeated Mr. V by countout. After the match Mr V. attempted to hang Outlaw again. Outlaw challenged Mr V. to a "Texas Bullrope" match to take place in Madison on Saturday March 24th!

> Southern Champion "Misfit" Billy Mattern defeated Eric Draven by DQ after Draven hit Mattern with a MICROWAVE OVEN!

> Livewire defeated The Crumbler by DQ due to interference from Bad Medicine.

> Spazz and Livewire beat the team formerly known as The Baker's Dozen when Spazz pinned Bad Medicine. After the match The Baker's Dozen issued a challenge to a rematch on Friday's event, stating that the man pinned was not legal. Then they denounced their name "Baker's Dozen". The Crumbler removed his mask revealing himself to be Kris Kanton and announced that the team will now be known as "The Family".

> Yukon Mike defeated Rob Royale in an "I Quit" match after duct taping Royale to the corner and attacking his family, who were in attendance. Royale then quit the match when Yukon Mike attempted a Pile-Driver on a young female friend of Spazz!

> "Live Wire" Mark Jackson defeated "The Future" Jesse Watson in a Madison Street Fight after putting him through a barbed-wire chair, a table, and over 1,300 thumbtacks!

March 10th, 2012

Click Here For Action Pictures & Video From This Event!

> The Baker's Dozen demanded a match so acting as commissioner, Mark Jackson met their request by putting them in a match with... CHAOS THEORY, Karma & Khris Kaliber! Chaos Theory won the match via pinfall when Karma pinned Bad Medicine.

> Jerry Andrews pinned Tommy "T-Dogg" Foreman when Andrews hit Foreman with his own loaded glove.

> Ricky Ruckus defeated the newly re-imaged "Sir" Benjamin Bray.

> Eric Draven stepped in as Mr. V's partner to face Texas Outlaw and "Dirty" Dutch Mantell. Draven assured Vito and the fans of Madison that he saw Dutch leave the arena and now this would be a 2-on-one match! Dirty Dutch then came out! After much coaxing and help from security Eric Draven and Vito finally got in the ring. Eric Draven and Mr V. scored the win via pinfall when Eric Draven pinned "Dirty" Dutch Mantell for the three count... Billy Mattern then came to the ring to tell referee Darrin O' Neill about Draven's feet being on the ropes! The match was restarted and Dutch Mantell pinned Eric Draven... with his feet on the ropes. Click Here to See The Video of This Match!

> Yukon Mike was forced to team with "Crazy Horse" Chris Colt against Nic Noble & Spazz due to his role in "Superbeast" Rob Royale's car trouble. Yukon Mike became upset with his partner's performance and decided to attack ALL THREE men with his Axe handle. Mike was chased from the ring by Rob Royale, who had just arrived. Mike then came back to the ring and Royale & Yukon then had to be separated.

> AWA-Supreme Southern Champion "Misfit" Billy Mattern pinned Eric Draven following the "Mattern-of-fact". Draven, who claimed Billy's "never give up" attitude is the fault of "bad parenting" from Kelly Mattern and poor choice in idols like Rob Royale, forced Royale and Kelly to witness as he attempted to break Billy's leg. Click Here to See The Video of This Match!

> "Live Wire" Mark Jackson defeated "The Future" Jesse Watson in a Madison Street Fight after putting him through a barbed-wire chair, a table, and over 1,300 thumbtacks!

March 3rd, 2012

In front of a sold out Standing Room Only crowd it was announced that in addition to the regular Saturday shows, AWA-Supreme will be hosting two benefits on Fridays, first on Friday March 23rd to raise money for the tornado victims, and second on Friday April 6th to raise money for a local family who had a tragic loss of a family member.

> The Future Jesse Watson defeated Livewire Mark Jackson by countout This was the second not so clean win over Jackson that Watson has pulled off, Next week the two will face off with no rules in the way in a "Madison Street Fight"

> Brad Fontane in his AWA debut pinned Playboy Mike Trusty

> The Sons of Deliquency (from AWA-Supreme High Risk) defeated The Bakers Dozen when Matthew Micheals pinned Bad Medicine following a 450 SPLASH!

> Yukon Mike defeated Rob Royale by pinfall after hitting him with an ax handle! The two have been signed for NEXT WEEK in an I QUIT MATCH!

> Tommy T-Dawg Foreman pinned Jerry Andrews with his feet on the ropes, Acting Commissioner Spazz Mark Jackson set the rematch for next week!

> Kharn Alexander and Mr V. Defeated Benny Bray and Texas Outlaw after Mr. V used a foreign object to knock Outlaw out cold! This match stipulated that if Benny lost he had to work for Kharn. Acting Commissioner Live Wire made the match for next week Mr V and any member of The Baker's Dozen will face Texas Outlaw and DIRTY DUTCH MANTELL!

> Billy Mattern became THE FIRST EVER AWA-Supreme Southern Champion by winning THE FIRST EVER triple threat Iron Man match with a final score of 1-0-0, however both Noble and Mattern left the show to go to a hospital at the hands of a somewhat deranged Eric Draven who hit Nic Noble in the head with a cinder block and then used the same block to hit Billy Mattern in the knee, then he applied the figure four but Mattern refused to give-up! Acting Commissioner Morty Blankenship made the match for NEXT WEEK, Billy Mattern defends the title VS. Eric Draven!

February 25th, 2012

> "Sweet" William Valentine pinned Jerry Andrews with some help from Roger Blade.

> Kharn Alexander defeated Benny Bray and then asked Bray to join him. Bray refused which made Kharn Angry! Kharn then challenged Bray to a match next week and invited Bray to bring along someone that he thinks a better partner than Kharn would be, and Kharn will bring a partner as well.

> Tommy "T-Dogg" Foreman who was sent to AWA-Supreme by Mr.V to show The Texas Outlaw who really has the best punch in wrestling was knocked out following a big right hook from "Texas Outlaw" Thomas Mitchell.

Eric Draven told Billy Mattern that Billy was NOT ready to last 60 minutes with him and Noble, and attempted to talk him out of the match. When Billy refused Draven offered him a chance to prove it by lasting at least 30 minutes with him no matter who won if the match would end before 30 minutes Billy would be out of the Iron Man match, and no matter who won if the match would last 30 or more then Billy was IN the Iron Man Match

> Eric Draven pinned Billy Mattern following an illegal piledriver at the 38 minute mark!

February 18th, 2012

AWA-Supreme management and wrestlers dedicated this show to the memory of former Tag Team Champion Damian Michaels.

> "Misfit" Billy Mattern pinned Kid USA following a Spring-Board Code-Breaker in a match to determine who would get the first shot at the Southern Champion, which would be crowned later in the night.

> "Superbeast" Rob Royale defeated Yukon Mike by Count-Out.

> "The Future" Jesse Watson pinned "LiveWire" Mark Jackson after hitting him with a chain.

> "Texas Outlaw" Thomas Mitchell knocked-out Blackheart #1 using a "Discuss Punch".

> In a match scheduled to determine the first ever AWA-Supreme Southern Champion, "The V.I.P." Nic Noble & "Custom Made" Eric Draven battled to a 30-minute time-limit draw.

After the match, Eric Draven challeged Noble to settle this once and for all in an Iron Man Match. Noble agreed, and both also agreed to add Billy Mattern to the match, allowing him his title shot that he had earned in the evening's opening match.

February 11th, 2012

Acting Commissioner “Livewire” Mark Jackson announced to the fans and to the wrestlers that AWA-Supreme would be merging with AWA-HighRisk, and due to this the AWA Open Door Title would be renamed the AWA-Southern Championship, (subsequently the AWA-High Risk TV Title will be renamed the AWA-Northern Championship). He went on to announce that later in the night the number one and number two contenders would face for the AWA-Southern Championship, naming those contenders as Eric Draven and Nic Noble.

> Livewire & Kid USA defeated “The Future” Jesse Watson & Scooter after Jesse Watson accidently hit Scooter with a chain and Livewire nailed Watson with "The Kilowatt" to score the pin!

> “Texas Outlaw” Thomas Mitchell defeated The Legendary Assassin by pinfall in just 4.3 seconds following a ONE PUNCH KNOCK-OUT.

> “Sweet” William Valentine pinned “The Misfit” Billy Mattern in what can only be considered another bad call from a referee after Mattern was distracted by Krystal Lake and blindside by Valentine!

> Mr. V. defeated Kid USA, and after the match attempted to do long term damage to The Kid until The Texas Outlaw came the Kid's Rescue. Outlaw challenged Mr V to a FIGHT and was denied. Mr. V did however offer to let The Baker's Dozen fight for him.

>Kid USA & The Texas Outlaw defeated The Baker's Dozen.

>"V.I.P." Nic Noble and "Custom Made" Eric Draven battled to a double count-out in a match that was described by several AWA fans, as well as a couple AWA wrestlers as "The greatest match ever". Nic Noble and Eric Draven will face off again Saturday Febuary 18th and the winner will become The FIRST EVER American Wrestling ALL-Stars Southern Heavyweight Champion!

February 4th, 2012

Acting commissioner "LiveWire" Mark Jackson was giving the pre-event announcements and was interrupted by also acting commissioner Morty Blankenship... who proceeded to deliver the pre-event announcements. Eric Draven then entered the mix announcing that he has decided to use his pull in the company to endorse yet another candidate for the job. Roger Blade then came to the ring assuming Draven was referring to him, but he seemed visibly angry when he was told that he was not the man Draven was recommending for the job.

> Mr V. pinned Billy Mattern following a "Whop-Drop" and a little assistance from Killer Kadoogan.

> Killer Kadoogan pinned LiveWire using "The Master Baster (a variation of the Kryptonite Crunch)" and a little help from Chef Hoek.

> Eric Draven was pinned by Chef Hoek after Roger Blade hit Eric Draven with a large piece of steel. Blade then addressed Draven, telling him that he would be in the running for the commissioner job regardless of what fool Draven was backing... Spazz came to the ring to announce that HE was the fool Draven was backing.

> Spazz defeated Roger Blade by DQ when The Baker's Dozen (Mr. V., Kadoogan, Hoek, and Tim The Baker) attacked Spazz.

>"The V.I.P." Nic Noble defeated Cody "Scooter" Rosales by pinfall following a "Noble-Ending".
>"Custom Made" Eric Draven defeated Ricky Ruckus in a "Detroit Street Fight" after busting a wine bottle over Ruckus' head!

Livewire, Spazz, and Morty Blankenship collectively agreed to make an 8-man tag match for the Main Event.

> Eric Draven, Spazz, Billy Mattern, and Livewire defeated Roger Blade and The Baker's Dozen when Livewire pinned Kadoogan.

January 28th, 2012

>Kid USA defeated Jesse Watson using a Sunset Flip in a "Loser Wears A Dress" match.

"Mr.V" announced that in order to maintain such great physical conditioning he has had to hire a team of nutrition experts. He introduced Tim The Baker, Captain Culinary, and Mr. Caduggan.

>Billy Mattern defeated Captain Culinary by DQ when Mr. V interfered and proceeded to duct-tape Billy's head to the ring pole. Mr. V then attempted to hit Mattern with a steel chair... but The Texas Outlaw came to Mattern's rescue.

Kharn Alexander confronted new owner JT Brannum, claiming that he is the "rightful champion in these parts". Brannum assured both Kharn and the fans that there will be a tournament to decide the real AWA-Supreme Champion.

>Kharn Alexander defeated Hillbilly Jed after hitting him with a chain.
>"Texas Outlaw" Thomas Mitchell defeated Captain Culinary by pinfall following a closed fist punch to face! Mr. V then came to ring and used Outlaw's bull rope to hang him over the top rope.
>"The V.I.P." Nic Noble defeated Cody "Scooter" Rosales by pinfall following a "Noble-Ending".
>"Custom Made" Eric Draven defeated Ricky Ruckus in a "Detroit Street Fight" after busting a wine bottle over Ruckus' head!

JANUARY 14, 2012
(Click Here To View Action Photos From This Event)

Eddie Allen announced that he will be joining the race for the job as Commissioner of Madison's Professional Wrestling. He was interrupted by Jeremy Beavins who said he would also be making a bid for the job.

Jeremy Beavins then announced that JT Branham, the new owner of American Wrestling All-Stars will be in the AWA-Supreme Arena on February 25th.

>Kid USA put his mask on the line and defeated Jesse Watson (who had placed his manager's hair on the line) using a Spring-Board Crossbody Press to get the pin.
>"Sweet" William Valentine defeated Nic Noble by pinfall with a little help from "Playboy" Mike Trusty and Roger Blade.
>Vito Andretti was disqualified for hitting Texas Outlaw with a Cowbell, but then stated that he was just "here to hurt people" and continued his assault on The Texas Outlaw.
>"Playboy" Mike Trusty pinned "Custom Made" Eric Draven... with an assist from "Sweet" William Valentine and a hand full of tights.

Commissioner Candidate "Livewire" Mark Jackson made a match for Big & Tasty VS Custom Made later in the night

>Kharn Alexander pinned "Misfit" Billy Mattern following a low blow.
>Yukon Mike and "Prophet" Ben Outlaw battled to a Double Count-Out.
>Custom Made defeated Big & Tasty after Eddie Allen, acting as referee, stopped his count at two and refused to count the three. Allen was then DDT'd by former Commissioner Beavins, who claimed that on the DDT Allen's hand struck the mat for the third time... to make the three-count!

DECEMBER 17, 2011

Chris Colt announced that he would be adding his name to the names already in-line to become the commissioner in Madison. "LiveWire" Mark Jackson interupted Chris to say that he, too, would pursuing the job. Chris made the challenge to Mark for a match in which the winner would have control for the night.

>"LiveWire" Mark Jackson pinned "Crazyhorse" Chris Colt after landing the "Kilowatt"!

"You know who we are, you know why we are here!" Kharn Alexander & Robbie Rotten came to the ring (unannounced, uninvited) to put the future owners and current roster on notice that they were there to gain control.

>Vito Andretti made his return to Madison to face Chris Phoenix, defeating him with the "Wop Drop".
>Robbie Rotten pinned Kid USA after using an illegal "Pile Driver".
>Kharn Alexander pinned "Misfit" Billy Mattern with his feet on the ropes.

Eric Draven and Jesse Watson's match was interrupted by Kharn Alexander and Robbie Rotten, then Jesse joined in on their attack on Eric Draven. Texas Outlaw and Billy Mattern came to Eric Draven's rescue. Mark Jackson set these 6 men up for a 6 man tag match.

>Kharn Alexander and Robbie Rotten abandoned Jesse Watson in the ring, leaving him to fend for himself. Eric Draven pinned Jesse Watson following a "Seattle Sidekick".

DECEMBER 10, 2011

Acting as Commissioner, Morty Blankenship gave Ricky Ruckus the night off replacing him with Yukon Mike in his scheduled match against Eric Draven for later in the night.

>Texas Outlaw pinned Blackheart #2 following a "Long-Horn Slam".
>Chris Colt defeated Billy Mattern after hitting him with a "Low Blow".
>Leo Lyons pinned Nekkrosis after a Frog-Splash from the top rope.
>Kid USA pinned Jesse Watson, who was arguing with his father.
>Live Wire & Apollo defeated Big & Tasty when Live Wire used a Sunset Flip to pin "Sweet" William Valentine.
>Yukon Mike pinned Eric Draven after hitting him in the face with an axe handle.

Acting as Commissioner, Bret Morris restarted the match.

>Eric Draven then hit Yukon Mike with a "Seattle Side-Kick" to secure the pinfall victory.


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